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Doctors are truly cockamamy, roughly speaking. I turned to a trichologist around ringlets disappearance (omurzakova), who prescribed me a dope that is absolutely not acceptable for me, what is more in high doses - " Aquadetrim2. When I assume from the instructions, my eyes popped incorrect in surprise. Connection a proctologist on account of another complication (Kuzovlev). He started giving me a reproach on touching the body all date and sent me to another specialist-a gastroenterologist. And he, in inform on, told me that my poser is pacific proctological. These are the "doctors" who drill equal there.

The doctor's nomination was delayed for more than 20 minutes, and when the administrator asked concerning the apology with a view the put on the back burner, they were also rude. It's been a extended stretch since I've been popped for my own money. I won't come again.

Centered Care:

We heard an ad on TV more the treatment of hemorrhoids without grieve and a wound with a laser. We were very light-hearted with this news. Came. So what? Rack up money. Consult for a mountains of shin-plasters and send to the hospital seeking a piece operation. To the fullest extent of all, the doctor said they didn't secure a laser in their clinic at all. Why this PR in TV advertising.? Right now I know why. Ready money an eye to consultation in push, so that people do not hesitate to reward on such a service. These are the services. After that, you don't skilled in who to trust.

Not till hell freezes over disappear without a trace to this clinic. Dr. Stepanova is an choice entrepreneur. Talks boloney, as large as you quieten seize it. I was "treated" for more than a month from chafe fungus, I was on Saturday, I out of the window the analysis. An cast off, very antique girlfriend, the doctor started powerful me that I didn't pass the test? In your mind? I came for an surrejoinder on the analysis. No checks are issued, no treatment is prescribed, she sits smiling, absolutely strange. I paid 800 rubles for the purpose an appointment to catch: "there Are no results of the criticism, you presumably did not pass?". I proper withdraw to medical centers in my 50s. Clowning, not a clinic. Right-minded business and the extortion of medium of exchange seeking the reception. Anna.








Nightmare. The clinic and the doctor are interested in getting filthy lucre, not in treating the self-possessed, I would not put forward this hamlet to anyone. I made an nomination with a dermatologist Stepanova, passed tests and came to the consultation, paid seeking the whole, came to re-learn yon the treatment,and in response to me: let's derive another examination or two. I didn't ascertain any explanations an eye to why I repeated the same inquiry, for 2 consultations - zero low-down, glaring zero. Left-wing an unpleasant residue, wasted shekels, and the problem is not solved.

The clinic is lofty, smooth and modern. A neurologist helped me after a chairman mischief, when coordination of movements was disrupted, severe headaches and dizziness began to torment me. An testing was scheduled - MRI, EEG, after which the diagnosis was made and treatment was prescribed. I am contented that Tatyana Borisovna is so responsible close to her creation and does not disrespect examinations, does not ordain medications "at random". Now I'm effective through my gal friday indubitably of treatment, and I feel better.

I went to Klass Klinik a couple of years ago. The ultrasound doctor was talking on her mobile phone right during the gynecological ultrasound, which angered me, to store it mildly. And this year, the ad invites you to walk the nevertheless doctor for 3D screening.

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